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About Cincinnati Clock & Instrument Co.

This precision-machining firm was founded in 1914 in Bellevue Kentucky.

The company later produced the first circuit-breaker chart timer, called a drop-bar recorder (also known as the “Cincinnati Timer”), which was developed and patented in 1938 (by two utility electrical engineers, Seitz and Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company).  This first recorder, while primitive by today’s standards, was the latest high-tech instrument of its day and quickly became a popular and indispensable test tool for electrical utilities around the world―timers of this first configuration are still being used 62 years later!

This first circuit-breaker timer is the “granddaddy” of all timers, inspiring the development of improved circuit-breaker timers since then, and includes the sophisticated microprocessor-run circuit-breaker analyzers being sold today.